We can help you with preventative maintenance

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes” (or maybe!), you should consider CEMServices’ preventative maintenance program.

Federal and State regulatory agencies are imposing increasingly demanding air quality and air permit standards making the process of specifying, constructing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for today’s plant environment an even greater challenge than ever.

We can simplify your life by providing you CEMS services tailored to fit your needs. Our programs receive rave reviews from customers and regulatory agencies alike. Our track record is spotless. Our response time is second to none. When you sign up with CEMServices, the guesswork is over.

Our decades of experience in troubleshooting and maintaining CEM systems gives us the edge. We detect potential issues before they grow into real problems. Our preventative maintenance programs encompass every aspect of the CEM system, from the sample probes to data reports. Our detailed knowledge of how each sub-system interacts enables us to zero in on the weaknesses of the system. We keep the sub-systems healthy and properly maintained.

We prepare QA/QC Plans and recommend a low-cost spare parts inventory for the system. Spare parts are installed as needed to ensure continuous operation. We keep an eye out for low-cost upgrades and recommend modifications to improve system performance and increase data availability. We guarantee the reliability of your CEMS system and the data it produces. Our goal is your goal: to prevent system downtime.

Providing You With 24/7 Tech Support​

Our 24/7 Tech Support brings instantaneous expertise to your CEM/COM systems. Our intimate knowledge with CEM/COM systems allows us to walk your employees through the symptoms and diagnose the problems. We provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions to enable you to solve most problems with ease. The vast majority of problems raised with us on our round-the-clock tech support line are solved in no time.

For the rare cases, we don’t solve the problem on the support line, we can mobilize on-site and troubleshoot the problem.

CEMServices’ 24/7 Tech Support is included in our standard Preventative Maintenance programs or can be used by your in-house personnel on an as-needed basis.